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Wonderland - the other side of the mirror

Once upon a time... Wonderland.

We wonder what we're going to tell you here. It's kind of obvious, isn't it? It's white like Mary Poppins' dress, and coloured like a Kensington living room. It's England, but not exactly, maybe just a place where the only things you will meet are your dreams.

This is a suite where you can escape time, except that there's power and a bubble massage bath!

If you ever bump into a fairy or white rabbit coming round the door, please don't take offence: a simple "How do you do?" will break the ice.

We will also provide you with tea and croquet balls.

But also...
  • A la carte breakfast served in the suite
  • Television and Wireless connection
  • On demand catering service, from 6 to 40 people
  • Possibility to combine this suite with the The Hut Suite, sleeping up to 14 people
  • Bike parking
  • Accommodation for horses
  • Organization of events at the Estate (available on request).
The Ardoisière is a hotel offering you the opportunity to book suites in the heart of nature within the Belgian Ardennes. The Estate is located at the exit of the Alle-sur-Semois village, a few miles away from Bouillon, a region where sports, leisure and gourmet food are very well represented. We do not offer rural shelters, but charming suites including at least 3 bedrooms, with views over the Ardennes forest. You will be able to bear the Compagnie des Bois in mind for your future stays, holidays or weekends away, within a natural setting.
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