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The swimming pool - plunge into a cinema set

Here's our swimming pool: 17 meters long and 5 meters wide, it has huge picture windows, exposed beams above your head, several changing rooms and a shower that looks more like the entrance of a saloon than anything else. There's also a fresco that's big enough to decorate an Olympic pool, going back to 1971.

We wondered whether or not we would change it all for a while, coming up with a "chic and stylish, I saw the same in Knokke" proposal. Then we decided not to touch it.

This swimming pool is like a cinema set and you won't find another one like this in the Ardennes, Belgium or the world for that matter! You're going to love it.

But also...
  • La piscine est mise à disposition de nos invités de 8h à 21h.
  • Possibility to organize events at the Estate (available on request).
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