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Gunnar - the accuracy of a line, the beauty of materials and calmness of striking objects

Gunnar stands for all that we love about design: the accuracy of a line, the beauty of materials and calmness of striking objects, but, beware: this is no museum!

Each person will finds his or her own relaxation style. This suite will be perfect for those of you who love the idea of holidays by a Finnish lake, a Norwegian röbur (go check it out, it's wonderful!) or a Stockholm hotel. Others should not hesitate. Yield into temptation and you'll be pleasantly surprised. We will even bring you Swedish croissants!

I can already hear some of you asking "Why 'Gunnar' then?" Well, to be honest, we're still looking for an answer to that question, but the name sounds fun, don't you think?

But also...
  • A la carte breakfast served in the suite
  • Television and Wireless connection
  • On demand catering service, from 6 to 40 people
  • Possibility to combine this suite with the Hamptons Suite, sleeping up to 14 people
  • Bike parking
  • Accommodation for horses
  • Organization of events at the Estate (available on request).
The Ardoisière is a hotel offering you the opportunity to book suites in the heart of nature within the Belgian Ardennes. The Estate is located at the exit of the Alle-sur-Semois village, a few miles away from Bouillon, a region where sports, leisure and gourmet food are very well represented. We do not offer rural shelters, but charming suites including at least 3 bedrooms, with views over the Ardennes forest. You will be able to bear the Compagnie des Bois in mind for your future stays, holidays or weekends away, within a natural setting.
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